Expense App

No need to save the receipts when shopping for the company - with e-conomic's expense app, you can upload the receipts on the go!

Ask your contact person in Larsen Finance & Administration to make the necessary preparations to use the expense app and soon you will be able to upload. 

When you contact person in Larsen Finance & Administration has told you the system is ready, you just have to follow the steps below; 

Setting up the app

  1. Logon Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download the app "e-conomic udgifter" by Visma e-conomic A/S. (The logo is a little orange wallet). 
  2. Enter the credentials provided to you by your contactperson at Larsen Finance & Administration. The credentials should consist of : 
    1. Aftalenr (Agreement no.)
    2. Initialer (Initials)
    3. Password

Using the app

The app is very easy to use and basically only have two functions, taking a picture of the receipt and a little textbox, where you can add your description. 

So when ready take a picture of a receipt. Make sure that the figures are easy to read for the bookkeeper (and/or the taxman if audited). Give the receipt a short description, in most cases this will be fairly straightforward e.g. "Printer cable", "Taxa receipt", however in some cases a bit more text is needed - this is the case where it can look like a private expense e.g. restaurant, events etc. Here it is helpful to write who was taken our for dinner and how it relates to the business. 

E.g. "Lunch w. Peter (potential client)" All this of course to show that your expenses are company related. 

Larsen Finance & Administration will monitor the receipts and texts and get back to you if a more elaborate text is needed. 

When text is provided - press upload and the receipt is now sent to the ERP system and will be processed. 






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