Not registered with tax (SKAT)

When we enter your danish social security number in the payroll system, the system syncronizes with the danish tax authority (SKAT). It might return an error message, which means you have not registered correctly with SKAT/TAX. 

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do from our end, since everything related to your tax is controlled directly from TAX/SKAT. In order to solve the problem you are to contact TAX/SKAT yourself and talk to an employee at SKAT/TAX in order to register your tax card correctly. When it has been corrected, please send us a mail on accounts@larsen-finans.dk stating that the issue has been resolved. After that we will try to syncronize again and hopefully everything works. 

You can find SKAT/TAX contactinformation on www.skat.dk and there is a tab for changing to english as well. 

Good luck!

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